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Rules/Warrior Code
No New Posts RULES-Must Read!
These are the Rules. Obey them, or be punished by the staff! Read these before you join. If there's no certain rule about something you're unsure about, feel free to ask any of the staff. Any of us will be pleased to help you.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
2 5 Feb 26th, 2017, 09:04am
by //{T}awny\\
In: Lala
No New Posts Warrior Code and References
This is the noble warrior code of the clans. Every cat in the clans must follow this code or suffer the consequences from Starclan. This is also where Warrior Cats references go. Like the herb list, the battle move list, ceremonies, and etc. Come check it out!
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
3 3 Nov 9th, 2008, 5:30pm
by .:.~Sunny~.:.
In: Important herbs and their uses
Out Of Character- OOC
No New Posts News/Announcements
This is where Staff post important news or announcements that needs to be read by every member. ONLY staff may post here!

This board contains important information that is added from time to time, needs to be checked frequently.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
7 26 Mar 12th, 2010, 5:24pm
by Wolfpelt2
No New Posts Sharing Tongues
This is where anyone can talk about anything as long as it is appropriate and follows the rules.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
18 121 Aug 24th, 2009, 8:29pm
by Silent
In: ripples kits
No New Posts Comments/Suggestions/Help
This is where you may post comments about the site, post suggestions for the site, and ask questions or request for help. Staff is open and would love to hear form you!
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
0 0 N/A
by N/A
No New Posts Padding Away
Post here if you are going to be gone more then three or four days. Also this is where you post if you are quiting the site.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
2 2 Aug 21st, 2009, 2:53pm
by //{T}awny\\
In: Leaving....
No New Posts Staff Chat
This is where ONLY Staff may post. We discuss the site, plots, and many other things. So keep your eyes open for new or updated things, make sure to thank the Staff, because we put a lot of time and effort into making this site as nice and awesome as possible!
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
2 2 Nov 9th, 2008, 1:57pm
by .:.~Sunny~.:.
No New Posts Advertising and Affiliating
This is the place where you can advertise your site. If you agree to affiliate us then we'll agree to affiliate you, fair and square! cheesy
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
12 13 Nov 9th, 2009, 8:36pm
by Warrior Cats
In: Warrior Cats RPG: Active, creative, friendly!
No New Posts Images/ Pictures/ Graphics
Here is where you may post any cool images/ pictures/ or graphics you have made or found! This is where you can be totally creative and yourself! Express yourself cheesy Also if you have a graphic shop you can set it up here.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
2 22 Aug 3rd, 2009, 7:55pm
by Wolfpelt
In: Sunny's Graphic and image Shop
In Characters-IC
No New Posts Character Biographies
This is where you can make biographies for your cats. You MUST follow the Bio Form, you can only make a bio if you are a member, and you may not roll play until your bio is accepted by me or by staff.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
3 101 Mar 12th, 2010, 5:37pm
by wolfpelt2
In: Biography Form
No New Posts Accepted Biographies
This is where all the accepted biographies go. If your bio is not here then it has not been accepted. Please, do not post here.
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75 90 Jul 30th, 2009, 10:44am
by .:.~Sunny~.:.
In: Petalnose
No New Posts Searching For A Mate
This is where you can search for a mate for your cat. Follow the form. Note- Female leaders or deputies may NOT have mates.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
4 12 Jul 9th, 2009, 1:58pm
by Dawnflower
In: Snowsong
No New Posts Adoption Center
Do you have a cat that you never roleplay but you don't want to just kill them off? Well then here is the place for you! Here you can put up your characters for adoption and another member will adopt them and roll play them for you. If you are leaving the site then please post your charries here.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
2 10 Aug 6th, 2009, 8:42pm
by Wolfpelt
In: Donovan and Deathcall's Kits
No New Posts Archives
Here is where all the old and finished topics, posts, and threads go. If you can't find a certain thread, then it is probably here, rotting. XD
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
126 100 Jun 20th, 2009, 5:42pm
by //{T}awny\\
In: Thinking Of You
No New Posts
User Image

The Quick and Clever......

Windclan cats inhabit a large open plain of land stretching as far as the eye can see. There are green rolling hills and few scattered trees. On the edge of Windclan's territory, there is a small wooded area that Windclan took from Thunderclan decades ago. Windclan hunt and stalk prey there, however they prefer the open fields for chasing rabbits. Windclan's camp is a open hallow that is deep in the ground but has no top. Some dens and small caves and some are made by thick brambles and bracken. The enterance to this camp is comprised of half rock and half bushles of thorns.

Leader: Sunstar

Deputy: Open

Medicine Cat: Snowflight
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Honeypaw

Warriors: Dawnheart, Snowsong, Grassheart, Rainfur, Petalnose, Morningflower, Jaysong, Firefly

Apprentices: Flamepaw, Brightpaw, Cinderpaw

Queens: Swiftheart

Kits: none

Elders: none

Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
3 542 Sep 6th, 2009, 12:45pm
by //{T}awny\\
In: Guidence for Answers...
No New Posts The Plains
The plains is where Windclan hunts and patrols . It is full of leaping rabbits and much more running prey. The plains stretch from each of their borders.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
0 51 N/A
by N/A
No New Posts The Wooded Area
This is a small part of Windclan's territory near the Thunderclan border. Windclan cats hunt and sometimes the apprentices hold small contests here. This area may be small but there is lots of prey here ready to be hunted down.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
0 29 N/A
by N/A
No New Posts Sunny Hollow
This is a bright sunny hallow full of soft soft and leaves. The apprentices and their mentors come here to train. Occasional prey comes here, so the apprentices can have a snack!
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
0 53 N/A
by N/A
No New Posts
User Image

The Strong and Loyal......

Riverclan cats inhabit a soft marshy land that has a long, wide river stretching through it. This river appears in the other territories as a stream or a creek. Riverclan mostly get their prey from the river however, there is few good hunting spots. Although their territory is soft under foot, they have a few good forest spots where they can hunt all sorts of prey. Riverclan camp is in a well conceiled spot. They have built it well, with thick walls of thorns, brambles, and woven sticks.

Leader: Riverstar

Deputy: Hazelmist

Medicine Cat: Doveflight
Medicine Cat Apprentice: OPEN

Warriors: Kestrelwing, Wintermoon, Rowanoak, Leopardfur, Rainshadow

Apprentices: Cedarpaw, Foxpaw

Queens: Honeyleaf, Amberflame, Deathcall

Kits: Tanglekit, Bearkit, Coldkit, Mudkit, Sootkit, Hollykit

Elders: None

Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
2 376 Jul 4th, 2009, 1:05pm
by .:.~Sunny~.:.
In: Getting Away
No New Posts The Water Grasses
This is where RiverClan hunts for the Clan and patrols borders. RiverClan warriors also work with their apprentices on their hunting skills.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
1 119 Jul 16th, 2009, 2:23pm
by Wolfpelt
In: Swimming...(A.C.J)
No New Posts The Sycamore Tree
The Sycamore tree is in the middle of the Clans territory and mentors take their apprentices to work on basic climbing skills.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
0 78 N/A
by N/A
No New Posts Marshy Hollow
This is where Mentors take their apprentices for battle training, hunting skills, etc.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
0 93 N/A
by N/A
No New Posts
User Image

The Brave and Noble......

Thunderclan cats inhabit a thick forest with flowing prey. The ground underneath is soft and the undergrowth contains prey left and right. Huge oak trees tower over the cats and birds call to one another. The territory has a small stream that is the border to Windclan, that runs into the great lake. Thunderclan's camp is a rocky place with have rock walls and high ledges. The enterance to the camp is conceiled with a thick wall of thorns and bracken with only a small tunnel-opening.

Leader: Morningstar

Deputy: Mossfur

Medicine Cat: Littletree

Medicne Cat Apprentice: OPEN

Warriors: Tawnyfur, Foxheart, Sunrise, Hazeystream, Wildheart, Sunwing, Swiftfire, Mothshadow, Stargaze

Apprentices: Juniperpaw, Pinepaw

Queens: Dappledpaw

Kits: Icekit, Brazenkit, Mistkit, Leafkit

Elders: Reedtail

Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
1 604 Nov 8th, 2008, 09:48am
by Dawnflower
In: Mentors/Apprentices
No New Posts The Oak Woodland
ThunderClans territory is thick with undergrowth and trees, creating a canopy over the territory. There are small streams and the lakes shore is on part of the territory.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
1 182 Jul 11th, 2009, 5:58pm
by Dawnflower
In: Hunting in the Moonlight
No New Posts The Sky Oak
This is a huge Oak tree that is on the ShadowClan and ThunderClan bounderies and boders of the two Clans. Apprentices learn how to climb at the Sky Oak.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
4 50 Aug 10th, 2009, 2:59pm
by Wolfpelt
In: Sleeping on the job...(ACJ)
No New Posts The Bramble Hollow
This is where warriors and/or medicine cats trains their apprentices fighting moves to defend themselves or to attack.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
0 117 N/A
by N/A
No New Posts
User Image

The Fierce and Proud.....

Shadowclan cats inhabit a large dark forest with creeping shadows around every corner. A thin dark fog creeps at the bottom of towering pine trees and hides the cats well. Shadowclan cats have adapted well to their territory and have a high advantage to sneaking up on prey or invading clans. The camp is hidden in the middle of the territory. Walls of bracken and woven sticks, twigs, and long stalks of grass, surround the camp and almost make it impossible for other clans to find. The camp's floor is usually a little moist and muddy.

Leader: Featherstar

Deputy: Silentshadow

Medicine Cat: Irismoon
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Mintpaw

Warriors: Grayfoot, Bramblefur, Hawkshadow

Apprentices: Ravenpaw, Thornpaw, Fernpaw

Queens: Willowsong, Ripplenight

Kits: Cherrykit, Echokit

Elders: Mistflower

Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
4 554 Sep 6th, 2009, 12:52pm
by //{T}awny\\
In: Mentors/Apprentice list
No New Posts The Shadowy Forest
The darkest part of the forest, a shadow behind every tree. This is where ShadowClan hunts for the Clan and patrols borders. ShadowClan warriors also work with their apprentices on their hunting skills.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
0 163 N/A
by N/A
No New Posts Twoleg Nest
This twoleg nest is in ShadowClan territory, along the border with ThunderClan. There are two firece kittypets who defend their territory like any Clan does.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
0 0 N/A
by N/A
No New Posts Shady Hollow
This is where warriors and/or medicine cats train their apprentices fighting moves to defend themselves and to attack.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
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by N/A
Important Territories
No New Posts Moonpool
This is where the Medicine Cats of each clan gather every half moon to share tongues with Starclan. Each meeting is secert to all the clan members except when the medicine cat decides to share with their leader. The Moonpool is in a starry cave where Moonlight peaks through cracks and holes. Above the starry pool is a wide opening where the moon is fully seen.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
1 75 Aug 27th, 2009, 4:33pm
by Wolfpelt
In: Medicine Cat Meeting!
No New Posts The Island
This is a small island where cats of all the clans gather to meet under the full moon in peace. The island is rather small and the only way to get on it is a fallen tree. It has sandy shores with many pebbles and stones. There's reeds and bushes that circle the island and in the middle there is a large clearing with a huge Oak Tree. The Tree is where the leaders tell their clan's news.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
0 97 N/A
by N/A
Rouge/ Loner Territories
No New Posts Rouge and Loner Ditch
This place is a open ditch just half a day's travel from the clans. It is a wide, open place that is swarming with rouges and loners. There are little tunnels and caves and a pool of water where the cats there drink from. Not all the cats there are friendly, most of them come to find shelter and food for the night and leave in the morning. Others stay longer. The Ditch is just a place where rouges and loners come to find shelter.

Loner(s): Night, Anwyn, Eclipse, Storm(paw), Deathcall, Donovan, Breeze, Asya, Coldclaw, Brayden

Rouge(s): Oakclaw, Shadow, Shatalani, Decius, Crowfeather

Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
3 89 Sep 7th, 2009, 12:38am
by Silent
In: Lesson
Other Territories
No New Posts The Mountains
These are huge jagged hills that seem to stretch into the sky. They are just beyond Windclan territory and no clan cat has ever traveled into them. Only rouges and loners dare to. The only prey is in rare spots and often hard to find and hunt. Some loners and rouges know how to hunt in the mountains but you rarely find one of those cats. Most cats that travel in the mountains never come back.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
4 338 Sep 4th, 2009, 4:08pm
by //{T}awny\\
In: On our Way
~.:.~{S}taff {B}oards~.:~
No New Posts /x/.:.~{S}unny~.:./x/
This is where Sunny posts all her random and beautiful things. Like writings, poems, pics, etc. Take a look!
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
9 31 May 21st, 2009, 7:43pm
by Wolfpelt
In: Name Maker
No New Posts ||.~.||{T}awnys~{B}oard||.~.||
This is where Tawny posts her randomness.
Moderator: .:.~Sunny~.:.
4 7 Jan 2nd, 2009, 10:52am
by //{T}awny\\
In: ~My RP Cats~

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